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Arctic Star World War 2 Medal Miniature

Miniatura £12.00 (IVA inclusa)


Arctic Star World War 2 Medal Miniature

Campaign: Arctic Convoys 1939–45.

Branch of Service: British and Commonwealth Forces.

Ribbon: Central white stripe with fine black edging bordered either side by equal stripes of pale blue, dark blue and red.

Description: The six-pointed star has a circular centre with the GRI/VI monogram, surmounted by a crown and inscribed THE ARCTIC STAR round the foot.



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As the direct result of constant lobbying by veterans and associated organisations over the years, the government finally agreed to issue the Arctic Star retrospectively from March 2013. Huge numbers of surviving veterans or their next of kin have applied and received the medal. The Arctic Star commemorates those who assisted or saw service on the ships of the convoys that sailed to North Russia in support of the Russian allies. Any member of the Royal Navy or Merchant Navy, as well as members of the Army and the RAF and certain civilian units are eligible if they served on or over the Arctic Circle for any length of time.


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