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Commemorative Medals Guidance

We have written this commemorative medals guidance to help people who are unsure how commemorative medals fit into the overall medal hierarchy. We are often asked if armed forces service personnel and ex service personnel are allowed to wear commemorative medals. In the United Kingdom the policy for serving personnel is quite clear; Armed forces personnel must not wear commemorative medals whilst serving. Ex service personnel can wear commemorative medals in a row underneath any official military medals. There is no official policy as such however conversation with the MoD has confirmed this approach.

Commemorative Medals have usually been manufactured to commemorate some form of service, usually where no recognition has been previously given. They have grown in popularity over the last twenty five years or so.

Many veterans proudly wear commemorative medals underneath their official military medals or as stand-a-lone medals.

Commemorative Medals Guidance

The General Service Cross Commemorative Medal

Commemorative Medals Guidance

Bigbury Mint manufacture a selection of commemorative medals and we take the view that if a medal is going to be made then it should be made to the highest quality possible so that the wearer can be proud of their achievements.

Die struck in exactly the same manner as the replacement military medals we make, you can be assured that every aspect of the medal has been inspected and passed before they leave our premises. We have a step quality assurance process making sure that the medal is cleaned and presented in the best condition. The majority of our commemorative medals are dispatched already mounted “ready to wear” in a tasteful presentation box.

Many of the commemorative medals manufactured by Bigbury Mint are made from Hallmarked Solid Silver, whilst others are gold plated. You can be assured that you are buying the finest medals available.

Please note that Veterans belonging to the British Legion or other similar organisations should always check they are allowed to wear commemorative medals when on parade or acting as a flag bearer. If you require further commemorative medals guidance, please do not hesitate to contact us on our easy to use contact form or via phone on (UK) 01548 830717