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Medal Ribbon Bar

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Medal Ribbon Bar

Ribbon bars are small ribbons mounted on either metal metal bars (pin on) or on a felt covered piece of buckram (sew on), and are generally issued for wear in place of medals.

We have three different ways of mounting a medal ribbon bar;

  1. Sew on – The ribbons are sewn onto a piece of felt covered bukram. We leave an overlap border which will enable your tailor to sew the medal ribbon bar onto your jacket.
  2. Straight pin – Much like mounted medals, this medal ribbon bar has a straight brooch pin at teh rear allowing you to “pin” the ribbon bar to your jacket.
  3. Clutch pin – This method utilises butterfly clutch pins which allow for more accurate and stable attachment to a jacket.


7 reviews for Medal Ribbon Bar

  1. Roy Hayes

    Ordered two ribbon bars with clutch pins, arrived in a couple of weeks.
    Very pleased with the items, workmanship is excellent and a fair price.
    Usually disappointed with some online services but excellent service from these people.

  2. Peter B. Buckley

    Ordered two sew-on ribbon bars for a #2 dress uniform. When completed, the assembled bars were mailed and received in short order. Very pleased with the result. I’ve dealt with Bigbury Mint on previous occasions and have never been disappointed.

  3. John Chadwick

    Thank very much for the comment Peter!

  4. Jim Jackson

    Ordered a 3 medal pin on medal bar. It arrived in a week and looks excellent and sturdy material. Thank you.

  5. Campbell Galloway

    I bought this Two Medal Ribbon Bar as my old one was getting a bit tatty. All I can say is well done lovely job of my new one would recommend to anyone that is why I give you 5 Stars.

  6. sam amor

    Thank you very much for your kind comments they are much appricated. I will let the rest of the team know, have a great day!

  7. sam amor

    Thank you very much for your kind comments they are much appricated. I will let the rest of the team know, have a great day!

  8. Ant Graham

    Ordered a straight pin 4 medal bar due to losing my late dad’s original bar. Took 6 days from ordering to despatch. BM Ltd did such a beautiful job I can’t stop looking at it. 10/10.

  9. Stuart

    I ordered a 4 ribbon clutch pin bar. It arrived quickly and was of great quality. Sadly it wasn’t quite right for me. I needed something that flexed with the jacket (following the curve of the chest). I got in touch and BM recommended a sew on bar. I re-ordered. The new bar has now arrived and is great. Great quality, fantastic customer service.

  10. John Burwood

    Ordered the straight pin 4 medal bar. Arrived really quickly and i am extremely pleased. Cannot recommend Bigbury Mint highly enough

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