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Sending Your Military Medals

Sending Your Military Medals to us is easy but we do advise the following for your peace of mind

If you are sending your military medals in to be framed, mounted or cleaned please ensure they are suitably protected (bubble wrap or “Jiffy” envelope). We strongly recommend that your medals are sent using Royal Mail Special Delivery or International equivalent(1) as they can be tracked and traced for peace of mind.

Bigbury Mint are extremely well practised in the care and restoration of military medals.

Please send your medals to;

Bigbury Mint Ltd
Unit 1
River Park
PL21 9NT
United Kingdom

Please ensure you include your contact details with the medals!

When we receive your medals we will contact you to confirm receipt and to discuss the work you require. We will quote you for your order and for returning the medals to you using Royal Mail Special Delivery. We will always clean medals and renew ribbons at no extra cost unless we are specifically asked not to. 

If you are ordering online, you should make sure that you select the Royal Mail Special Delivery Option.

Should you have any questions about sending your military medals, please CONTACT US

(1) Bigbury Mint will not be responsible for any customs charges. Please ensure you complete customs forms correctly such that any charges incurred are paid by the sender.