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Military Medals Ministry Of Defence Licence

Our Military Medals Ministry Of Defence Licence ensures we fulfil the exacting criteria required by the Ministry of Defence

This means that Bigbury Mint Ltd are allowed to manufacture and sell or supply replica military medals falling under the copyright of the Ministry of Defence.

In order to remain compliant with the licence certain replica military medals have to have the word “copy” embossed on the reverse in a discreet font. When mounted, the word “copy” is not visible. Where applicable, licensed medals also have to have a non-swivel suspension instead of a swivel suspension.

Holding the Military Medals Ministry Of Defence Licence also means that Bigbury Mint are fully compliant with regards to ISO accreditation, product and public liability insurance and all other business insurance requirements.

Our MoD medal licence number is: D/IPR/1/XE/19/04

The licence is held in the name : Bigbury Mint Medals