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Although a simple medal frame to complete, the logistics involved in dealing with a customer who is literally on the other side of the world could have hampered the process, particularly as we always ensure that we communicate regularly with the customer via email or phone whilst building the medal frame.  This resulted in some early mornings!…..and late nights!

Delivery and in particular, delivery over such a long distance is always a concern with a product that contains glass and perhaps more importantly medals! We always ensure each medal display frame is protected within a frame box. We pack the medal frame in specialised cushioning and place corner protectors on the…corners, before using a frame box as a final layer of protection. We then wrap the whole package in “Fragile – Handle With Care” stickers before placing it in the hands of our trusty postie! Mail is collected daily from our premises by our local postie who always has time for a biscuit or a slice of cake!

To quote Karen;

Despite living in Australia, the care and attention taken to dispatching my frame, was carried out with great care. Since it’s arrival, several visitors to my house, have decided to do this for their forebears as a way to keep their history alive in the family.