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My late husband, a surgeon in the RAMC, was awarded several medals for his research and clinical work. These have been locked in the safe ever since. He did talk about having them mounted but that never happened.

Since his death, I have thought about this. It is silly to keep them locked away. I decided to have them mounted so all the family would be able to see them.

I knew he had had work done previously at Bigbury Mint and I found details on his desk. I made contact in November and sent email details of the medals with photographs. I had several phone conversations and emails and decided on a format for the display. Initially I was in contact with Daniel and later with other members of the team. Having decided to go ahead I received detailed instruction for postage arrangements to ensure the medals were sent safely and were fully insured. There was a delay initially as Christmas intervened but in the New Year work started. Several points had to be clarified, for example the colour of the back cloth and which way the medals should face. I was kept informed at all times and this week I received a call to say the display was ready and would be dispatched the following day as long as I would be in to sign for them.

Angela states;

I have now received the display. It is just as I wanted and shows the medals perfectly with their descriptions. From my first contact with Bigbury Mint, I have been extremely impressed with the friendliness, competence and helpfulness of all the people I have spoken to. I would highly recommend them. Angela