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Distinguished Flying Medal DFM GVI Full Size

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Distinguished Flying Medal DFM GVI Full Size

Instituted: 1918.

Ribbon: Originally purple and white horizontal stripes but since July 1919 thirteen narrow diagonal stripes alternating white and purple.

Original Metal: Silver.

Size: 42mm tall; 34mm wide.

Description: An oval medal, (obverse) the sovereign’s effigy; (reverse) Athena Nike seated on an aeroplane, with a hawk rising from her hand. Originally undated, but the date 1918 was added to the reverse with the advent of the George VI obverse. The medal is suspended by a pair of wings from a straight bar.

Bar for 2nd and subsequent awards worn on the medal ribbon. The bar is represented by a silver rosette when the ribbon only is worn.
Engraved with Service Details

Additional information


Introduced at the same time as the Distinguished Flying Cross, it was awarded to NCOs and men of the RAF for courage or devotion to duty while flying on active operations against the enemy. During the Second World War it was extended to the equivalent ranks of t the Army and Fleet Air Arm personnel engaged in similar operations. First World War medals have the names of recipients impressed in large seriffed lettering, whereas Second World War medals are rather coarsely engraved. Approximately 150 medals have been
awarded since 1945. As a result of the 1993 Review of gallantry awards and resultant changes to the operational gallantry award system, this award has been replaced by the Distinguished Flying Cross which is now available both to officers and other ranks.


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