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Efficiency Decoration EIIR Pre 1982 Miniature

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Efficiency Decoration EIIR Pre 1982 Miniature

Instituted: 17 October 1930.

Branch of Service: Territorial Army (UK), the Indian Volunteer Forces and the Colonial Auxiliary Forces.

Ribbon: Plain dark green with a central yellow stripe.

Description: An oval skeletal badge in silver and silver-gilt with the crowned monogram in an oak wreath, the ring for suspension being fitted to the top of the crown. Territorial topbar.

Bar for additional periods of 12 years worn on the medal ribbon. The bar is represented by a silver rosette when the ribbon only is worn.
Cannot be engraved

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Recipients in Britain were allowed to continue using the letters TD after their names, but in the Commonwealth the letters ED were used instead. The 20-year qualification was reduced to 12 years in 1949, bars for each additional 6 years being added. In 1969 the British bar was changed to T & AVR, on the establishment of the Territorial and Army Volunteer Reserve. In 1982 the title of Territorial Army was resumed, so the inscription on the bar reverted to TERRITORIAL but the blue, yellow and green ribbon was retained. This decoration was superseded in the UK by the Volunteer Reserves Service Medal RSM in 2000. However, it is still current in some Commonwealth countries.


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