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‘Fiona’ copper brooch

£38.00 (Inc. Vat)


‘Fiona’ copper brooch. This design is by Fiona Cocks using traditional die punching techniques. She has worked with Bigbury Mint for some 30 years.

“I have made the tool to produce the ‘Fiona’ range by using the traditional method of punching the design using the collection of punches here are Bigbury Mint. This is a very useful techniques for small batch production”

This is a domed brooch made in copper here at the workshop and patinated green on the front.  Each one has a number punched on the back. Each one is struck from a randomly chosen part of the die and is therefore unique.  The pendant comes with a black cord and other colours can be bought separately. It comes in a recycled and recyclable card gift box.

Approximately 30mm in diameter.