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General Service Cross Medal Commemorative Miniature

Miniature £34.10 (Inc. Vat) SOLID SILVER


General Service Cross Medal Commemorative Miniature

Date: 1992.

Campaign: Any.

Branch of Service: British Commonwealth forces.

Ribbon: Equal blue, white and red thirds.

Original Metal: Solid silver.

Display: –

Description: This superb solid silver cross was instituted in 1992 for those men and women who have given valuable service to the British Commonwealth in peacetime or during hostilities and whose services in many cases have gone unrecognised. By not serving in a War Zone and not serving enough to obtain a Long Service medal, many veterans have had no visual evidence of Services given until now.

Cannot be engraved.


Additional information

Wearing a Commemorative

Commemorative medals should not be worn on the same level as official medals.


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