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Korea Medal Miniature

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Korea Medal Miniature

Date: July 1951.

Campaign: Korean War 1950-53.

Branch of Service: British and Commonwealth forces.

Ribbon: Yellow, with two blue stripes .

Description: (Obverse) Right-facing bust of Queen Elizabeth II by Mary Gillick; there are two obverse types, with or without BR: OMN; (reverse) Hercules wrestling with the Hydra, KOREA in the exergue.

Mention in Despatches (MiD) single bronze oak leaf (pre 1994)

Cannot be engraved


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Awarded to all British and Commonwealth forces who took part in the Korean War between July 1950 and July 27, 1953. British and New Zealand medals were issued in cupro-nickel impressed in small capitals, medals to Australian forces were impressed in large capitals and the Canadian version was struck in silver and has CANADA below the Queen’s bust. Particularly prized are medals issued to the “Glorious Gloucesters” who played a gallant part in the battle of the Imjin River.


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