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Naval General Service Medal NGSM 1915-1962 EIIR Miniature

Miniature £21.80 (Inc. Vat) Includes 1 clasp


Naval General Service Medal NGSM 1915-1962 EIIR Miniature

Date: 1915 – 1962

Branch of Service: Royal Navy

Awarded to personnel for particular operations for which no separate campaign medal was awarded.

Clasps are always awarded with this medal. Those available are Malaya, Cyprus, Near East, Arabian Peninsula, Brunei and Canal Zone. More than one clasp can be worn.

This particular medal has Elizabeth II crown, denoting the award was made during her reign. Please see the George VI version for those awarded before 1952.

Date Instituted: 1915.

Campaigns: Naval actions 1915 to 1962.

Branch of Service: Royal Navy.

Ribbon: White with broad crimson edges and two narrow crimson stripes towards the centre.

Description: (Obverse) effigy of the reigning monarch (see below). (Reverse) Britannia and two seahorses travelling through the sea.

Clasps: 17

  • Malaya
  • Canal Zone
  • Cyprus
  • Near East
  • Arabian Peninsula
  • Brunei
  • For clasps not listed, please contact us
  • Mention in Despatches (MiD) bronze oak leaf (post 1920)
Cannot be engraved

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Comments: Instituted for service in minor operations for which no separate medal might be issued. Five different obverses were employed: George V (1915-36), George VI Ind Imp (1936-49), George VI Fid Def (1949-52), Elizabeth II Br Omn (1952-53) and Elizabeth II Dei Gratia (1953-62). Medals issued with the first clasp include the name of the recipient’s ship but this lapsed in later awards. The Malaya clasp was issued with three types of medal: the George VI Fid Def and Elizabeth II Dei Gratia being the most common. The clasp Bomb & Mine Clearance 1945–46 is very rare as it was apparently only awarded to the Royal Australian Navy. The clasp Canal Zone was instituted in October 2003 for service between October 1951 and October 1954.


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