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Pingat Jasa Malysia PJM Medal Miniature

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Pingat Jasa Malysia PJM Medal Miniature

Instituted: 2005.

Ribbon: Central red stripe, flanked by dark blue and yellow.

Description: (Obverse) arms of the Republic of Malaysia with JASA MALAYSIA below; (reverse) map of Malaysia with P.J.M. below, attached to a scrolled suspension bar by two crossed fern fronds.

Cannot be engraved

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Awarded by the Malaysian Government to members of the British and Commonwealth Armed Forces who were posted on strength of unit or formation and served in the prescribed operational area of Malaysia and Singapore during the "Confrontation" and "Emergency" periods in direct support of operations for: 90 days or more, in Malaysia between August 31, 1957 and December 31 1966 or Singapore between August 31, 1957 and August 9, 1965; or for 180 days for ADF outside the area but in support of operations for the first two dates. Permission to wear was officially granted in time for veterans to wear their medals at the
Remebrance Day ceremonies in 2011. Several types are known, with later strikings being of poorer quality than the original and with various minor alterations to the original design.




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