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Sierra Leone Operational Service Medal OSM Miniature

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Sierra Leone Operational Service Medal OSM Miniature

Date: 1999.

Campaign: Operations after May 5, 2000.

Branch of Service: All branches of the armed forces.

Ribbon: Broad central red stripe, flanked by royal blue and light blue with green edge stripes. The colours represent the three services.

Original Metal: Silver.

Size: 36mm.

Description: (Obverse) crowned profile of Queen Elizabeth; (reverse) a four-pointed star with different crowns impaled on each point, the centre having the Union Jack in a circle surrounded by the inscription FOR OPERATIONAL SERVICE. The medal has a scrolled suspender with ornamental finials.

A silver rosette worn on the medal ribbon itself denotes service on operations Maidenly and Barras.
  • Mention in Despatches (MiD) single silver oak leaf
  • Queen’s Commendation for Bravery (QCB) silver spray of laurel leaves
  • Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air (QCBA) silver eagle
  • Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) silver spray of oak leaves
Can be engraved with recipient details.

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Intended for minor campaigns for which a separate medal is not awarded. It replaces the General Service Medal 1962–2007, except for Northern Ireland and Air Operations Iraq. It has so far been awarded for operations in Afghanistan (from 11 September 2001), Sierra Leone (5 May 2000–31 July 2002) and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (14 June–10 September 2003).


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