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Womens Service Commemorative Medal

£54.00 (Inc. Vat) SILVER PLATED


Womens Service Commemorative Medal

In recognition of your service we are proud to present the Womens Service Commemorative Medal. This superb silver plated commemorative medal is dedicated to the courage, compassion and sacrifice of those who have served but whose contributions have often gone unrewarded.

Ribbon: Both military and civilian versions of the medal have a ribbon made up an amethyst background, with rose and white silks. Colours that represent the femininity, hope and pride of the wearer. The civilian version of the ribbon has the central white stripe omitted.

Metal: Silver plated.

Display: Presentation box included.

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Bigbury Mint manufacture a selection of commemorative medals taking the view that if a medal is going to be made then it should be made to the highest quality possible. Just as you are rightly proud of your service, you can be just as proud wearing a Bigbury Mint Commemorative Medal.

Struck in exactly the same manner as our MoD Licensed official military medals, you can be assured that every aspect of the medal has been inspected and passed before we add them to our commemorative medals line of products. Before the medal is despatched we follow a step quality assurance process making sure that the medal is cleaned and presented in the best condition. The majority of our commemorative medals are dispatched already mounted “ready to wear” and in a nice presentation box.

Silver Sew On Bar can be engraved to suit and attached to medal ribbon.
Can be engraved with recipients details.


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