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1914-15 Star World War 1 Medal Miniature

Miniature £15.40 (Inc. Vat)


1914-15 Star World War 1 Medal Miniature

Date: 1918.

Campaign: First World War 1914–15.

Branch of Service: British and imperial forces.

Ribbon: Watered silk red, white and blue (as above).


Description: A crowned four-pointed star with crossed swords and a wreath of oak leaves, having the royal cypher at the foot and a central scroll inscribed 1914-15. Uniface, the naming being inscribed incuse on the plain reverse.

Clasps: None.

Description: (Obverse) effigy of King George V; (reverse) a wreath enclosing the text FOR VOLUNTARY SERVICE OVERSEAS 1914–19.



Cannot be engraved

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Awarded to all those serving with the Territorial Forces on 4 August 1914, or those who had completed four years service before this date and rejoined on or before 30 September 1914, who served overseas during the course of World War I. Those who had already qualified for the 1914 or 1914–15 Stars, however, were excluded. Only 34,000 medals were awarded, making it by far the scarcest of the First World War medals. The value of individual medals depends on the regiment or formation of the recipient.


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