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Kings South Africa Medal KSA Full Size

£92.00 (Inc. Vat) Includes two clasps


Kings South Africa Medal KSA Full Size

Date: 1902.

Campaign: South Africa 1901–02.

Branch of Service: British and imperial forces.

Ribbon: Three equal stripes of green, white and orange.

Original Metal: Silver.

Size: 36mm.

Description: (Obverse) bust of King Edward VII in field marshal’s uniform; (reverse) as for Queen’s medal.

Clasps: Two: South Africa 1901, South Africa 1902.

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This medal is engraved with recipients details when first issued.

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Comments: This medal was never issued without the Queen’s medal and was awarded to all personnel engaged in operations in South Africa in 1901–02 when fighting was actually confined to numerous skirmishes with isolated guerrilla bands. Very few medals were awarded to RN personnel as the naval brigades had been disbanded in 1901. Apart from about 600 nurses and a few odd men who received the medal without a clasp, this medal was awarded with two clasps—most men were entitled to both clasps, single clasp medals being very rare. Only 137 were awarded to New Zealand troops.


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