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Africa Star World War 2 Medal

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Africa Star World War 2 Medal

Africa Star World War 2 Medal was awarded for entry into an operational area in North Africa between 10 June 1940 (the date of Italy’s declaration of war) and 12 May 1943 (the end of operations in North Africa), but service in Abyssinia (Ethiopia), Somaliland, Eritrea and Malta also qualified for the award. A silver numeral 1 or 8 worn on the ribbon denoted service with the First or Eighth Army between 23 October 1942 and 23 May 1943. A clasp inscribed North Africa 1942-43 was awarded to personnel of the Royal Navy Inshore Squadrons and Merchant Navy vessels which worked inshore between these dates. RAF personnel also qualified for this clasp, denoted by a silver rosette on the ribbon alone.

Campaign: Africa 1940-43.

Branch of Service: British and Commonwealth forces.

Ribbon: Pale buff symbolising the sand of the desert, with a broad red central stripe, a dark blue stripe on the left and a light blue stripe on the right symbolising the three services.

Original Metal: Bronze.

Size: Height 44mm; max. width 38mm.

Description: The six-pointed star has a circular centre with the GRI/VI monogram, surmounted by a crown and inscribed THE AFRICA STAR round the foot.

  • 1st Army
  • 8th Army
  • North Africa 1942-43

1st Army clasp denoted by silver numeral 1 on ribbon alone. 8th Army clasp denoted by silver numeral 8 on ribbon alone. North Africa clasp denoted by silver rosette on the ribbon alone.


Can be engraved with recipients details.


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