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Italy Star World War 2 Medal Miniature

Miniature £13.00 (Inc. Vat)


Italy Star World War 2 Medal Miniature

Campaign: Italy 1943-45.

Branch of Service: British and Commonwealth forces.

Ribbon: Five equal stripes of red, white, green, white and red (the Italian national colours).

Description: The six-pointed star has a circular centre with the GRI/VI monogram, surmounted by a crown and inscribed THE ITALY STAR round the foot.



Cannot be engraved

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Awarded for operational service in the Pacific theatre of war from 8 December 1941 to 15 August 1945. Service with the Royal and Merchant navies in the Pacific Ocean, Indian Ocean and South China Sea and land service in these areas also qualified. Personnel qualifying for both Pacific and Burma Stars got the first star and a clasp in respect of the second.


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