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Kuwaiti Liberation Medal Miniature

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Kuwaiti Liberation Medal Miniature

Date: 1991.

Campaign: Liberation of Kuwait 1991.

Branch of Service: Allied forces.

Ribbon: Equal stripes of green, white and red with a black quadrilateral at the upper edge, representing the Kuwait national flag.

Original Metal: Silver.

Description: The circular medals have different decorative treatments of the Kuwaiti state emblem on the obverse, enshrined in a five-petalled flower (Second Grade), a five-pointed star with radiate background
(Third Grade) and a plain medallic treatment (Fourth Grade). All grades, however, have a straight bar suspender of different designs.

Cannot be engraved

Additional information


This medal was issued in five grades and awarded according to the rank of the recipient. The Excellent Grade was only conferred on the most senior Allied commanders, the First Grade went to brigadiers and majorgenerals, the Second Grade to officers of field rank (colonels and majors), the Third Grade to junior officers (captains, lieutenants and equivalent ranks in the other services), and the Fourth Grade to all other ranks. HM Government has decreed that British personnel may accept their medals as a keepsake but permission to wear them in uniform has so far been refused. The Canadian Government has followed the same policy, but the personnel of other Allied nations are permitted to wear their medals.


PERMISSION TO WEAR: BRITISH – Receive as a keepsake only.


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