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NATO Article 5 Active Endeavour Medal Miniature

Miniature £12.10 (Inc. Vat) (Includes Clasp)


NATO Article 5 Active Endeavour Medal Miniature.

Date: 2001 – 2002

Branch of Service: Personnel serving under Nato command

Awarded for thirty days continuous or accumulated service as part of an element of the Standing Naval Force (SNF) operating in the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea and in the air space above it commencing 26th October 2001.

Takes similar precedence to the General Service Medal or other campaign medals, in chronological order of award.

Numerals worn on the ribbon denote multiple tours. Please note that since 2003 MID, QCB, QCBA and QCVS’s may be worn on NATO, UN and European Community & Union medals.

Instituted: December 1994.

Campaigns: Any theatre or area of operations in the service of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Branch of Service: NATO military and service personnel.

Generic Ribbon: NATO blue with narrow white stripes having central metal threads.

Specific Ribbon: For engagements in NATO-led Article 5 operations (gold thread): Eagle Assist (central stripe), Active Endeavour (two stripes towards the edges), Non-Article 5 (central stripe with silver thread, from January 2011 two stripes towards the edges with silver thread denote operations) with clasps.

Description: (Obverse) the NATO star emblem set in a wreath of olive leaves;
(reverse) the title NORTH ATLANTIC TREATY ORGANIZATION and the words IN SERVICE OF PEACE AND FREEDOM in English and French.

  • Mention in Despatches (MiD) single bronze oak leaf (pre 1994)
  • Mention in Despatches (MiD) silver oak leaf (post 1994)
  • Queen’s Commendation for Brave Conduct (QCBC) single bronze oak leaf (pre 1994)
  • Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service in the Air (QCVSA) single bronze oak leaf (pre 1994)
  • Queen’s Commendation for Bravery (QCB) silver laurel leaves (post 1994)
  • Queen’s Commendation for Bravery in the Air (QCBA) silver wings (post 1994)
  • Queen’s Commendation for Valuable Service (QCVS) silver oak leaves (post 1994)
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Comments: The NATO medal was first instituted to reward personnel who took part in the Alliance operations in the former Yugoslavia. Any person serving under NATO command or operational control is eligible for the award. UK Service personnel cannot qualify for the NATO Medal and the UNPROFOR Medal (no. 207) in respect of the same period of service. The qualifying period for the medal is to be designated by the Secretary-General, however, for the operations in the former Yugoslavia the period has been set as 30 days continuous or accumulated service within the theatre of operations inside the former Yugoslavia and the Adriatic, or 90 days within the area of operations but outside the territory of the former Yugoslavia. The medal takes precedence equal to the General Service Medal in order of date of award. Bronze arabic numerals are worn on the ribbon to denote multiple tours. The Non-Article 5 medal (ribbon) replaces the three other NATO medals (ribbons) for services anywhere in the Balkans, commencing December 3, 2002. Article 5 of the NATO Charter states that an attack on one member state is an attack on the whole Alliance. Non-Article 5 operations are therefore those outside NATO territory. No clasp was issued for the service in Macedonia (Former Yugoslavia) due to objections from Greece which does not recognise the independent sovereignty of that country. The clasps for Kosovo and Former Yugoslavia have now been superseded by the Non Article 5 clasp. The clasp for Afghanistan bears the initials of the International Security Assistance Force. Those serving more than one tour of duty are authorised to wear a bronze arabic numeral on their ribbon to indicate this. Eagle Assist, Active Endeavour, Afghanistan and Iraq medals are not approved or authorised for wear by UK personnel, either in full size or in miniature. If presented they may be retained as keepsake(s). NATO ISAF has now been approved for wear by Australian Forces (military and police). Service on awards for these medal(s) does not
count as qualifying service towards the Accumulated Campaign Service Medal. Additionally a NATO Meritorious Service Medal has been instituted.


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