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Saudi Arabian Medal For The Liberation Of Kuwait Miniature

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Saudi Arabian Medal For The Liberation Of Kuwait Miniature

Date: 1991.

Campaign: Gulf War 1991.

Branch of Service: British and Allied forces.

Ribbon: Green with edges of red, black and white (the Saudi national colours). The ribbon bar has a gold state emblem (palm tree over crossed scimitars).

Original Metal: White metal.

Description: The white metal medal has a star of fifteen long and fifteen short round-tipped rays, surmounted by a bronze circle bearing a crowned and enwreathed globe on which appears a map of Arabia. Above the circle is a palm tree with crossed scimitars, the state emblem of Saudi Arabia. A scroll inscribed in Arabic and English LIBERATION OF KUWAIT appears round the foot of the circle.

Cannot be engraved


Additional information


Awarded by the government of Saudi Arabia to all Allied personnel who took part in the campaign for the liberation of Kuwait, although only a few of the 45,000 British servicemen were subsequently given permission by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to wear it. The contract for production was shared between Spink and a Swiss company, but subsequently a flatter version, more practicable for wear with other medals, was manufactured in the United States.


PERMISSION TO WEAR: BRITISH – Very limited permission to wear has been Granted. Permission to wear should be sought from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office


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