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Silver Jubilee 1977 ER2 Full Size

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Silver Jubilee 1977 ER2 Full Size

Date: 1977

To celebrate the Silver Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II.

Relatively small numbers of this medal were issued.

Ribbon: White with thin red stripes at the edges, a broad blue stripe in the centre and a thin red stripe down the middle of it.

Original Metal: Silver.

Size: 32mm.

Description: (Obverse) Right-facing profile of Queen Elizabeth II wearing the St Edward’s crown—the first time this design was employed; (reverse) a crown and wreath enclosing the words THE 25TH YEAR OF THE REIGN OF QUEEN ELIZABETH II 6 FEBRUARY 1977. A distinctive reverse was used in Canada, showing the dates of the reign flanking the royal monogram round the foot, CANADA round the top and a large stylised maple leaf in the centre.

Can be engraved with recipients details


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The 25th anniversary of the Queen’s accession was marked by the release of this unnamed medal. The total number of medals issued in the UK was relatively small at 30,000 but they were distributed to a wide range of people including members of the armed forces, crown services and a number of people engaged in important activities including industry, trade, local services, voluntary workers, the arts, entertainment and sports.

1 review for Silver Jubilee 1977 ER2 Full Size

  1. Marion Hancock

    The medal is fine but I was disappointed it didn’t come in a nice box like the previous medals I have ordered. To put it in a plastic sleeve for presentation is a little bit of a let-down. Please would you consider ‘presenting’ the medals in boxes – especially as this one is for a gift and also it would be better protected in its own box.

  2. John Chadwick

    Hello Marion,
    Thank you for your constructive comment. We are trying to source the perfect box (The usual company can no longer supply them).

    Best regards, Matthew. Bigbury Mint

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