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British Empire Medal EIIR Miniature

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British Empire Medal EIIR Miniature

Instituted: December 1922.

Ribbon: Originally plain purple (Civil), with a thin scarlet central stripe (Military); from July 1937 rose-pink with pearl-grey edges (Civil) and a central pearl-grey stripe (Military).

Description: (Obverse) the seated figure of Britannia, her left hand resting on a shield and her right holding a trident, with a blazing sun upper right. The words FOR GOD AND THE EMPIRE inscribed round the upper part of the circumference. The words MERITORIOUS SERVICE in the exergue. Suspended from a straight bar ornamented with oak leaves. A silver bar decorated with oak leaves was introduced in March 1941 for further acts, and is denoted by a silver rosette on the ribbon worn on its own. An emblem of crossed silver oak leaves was introduced in December 1957 to denote a gallantry award, a smaller version being worn on the ribbon alone.

The military ribbon includes a central grey stripe.

Bar for 2nd and subsequent awards worn on the medal ribbon. The bar is represented by a silver rosette when the ribbon only is worn.

  • Silver crossed Oak Leaves (1957-1974)
Cannot be engraved

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Comments: Founded by King George V during the First World War for services to the Empire at home, in India and in the overseas dominions and colonies, other than those rendered by the Navy and Army, although it could be conferred upon officers of the armed forces for services of a noncombatant character. A Military Division was created in December 1918 and awards made to commissioned officers and warrant officers in respect of distinguished service in action. The insignia of the Civil and Military Divisions is identical, distinguished only by the respective ribbons. A promotion in a different division permits the wear of both types of insignia and in the case of gallantry awards a third type may be worn. A lapel emblem for wear on ordinary clothing was introduced in December 2006.


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