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Distinguished Flying Cross DFC GVI Miniature

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Distinguished Flying Cross DFC GVI Miniature

Instituted: June 1918.

Ribbon: Originally horizontal but since June 1919 diagonal alternate stripes of white and deep purple.

Description: (Obverse) a cross flory terminating with a rose, surmounted by another cross made of propeller blades charged in the centre with a roundel within a laurel wreath. The horizontal arms bear wings and the crowned RAF monogram at the centre; (reverse) the royal cypher above the date 1918. The cross is suspended from a bar decorated with a sprig of laurel.

Bar for 2nd and subsequent awards worn on the medal ribbon. The bar is represented by a silver rosette when the ribbon only is worn.
Cannot be engraved

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Established for officers and warrant officers of the RAF in respect of acts of valour while flying in active operations against the enemy. The Distinguished Flying Cross is issued unnamed, but Second World War crosses usually have the year of issue engraved on the reverse of the lower limb. As a result of the 1993 Review of gallantry awards and resultant changes to the operational gallantry award system, this award is now available to both officers and other ranks, the Distinguished Flying Medal having been discontinued. Since 1st January 1984 the Distinguished Flying Cross has been issued named.


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