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Imperial Service Medal ISM EIIR Full Size

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Imperial Service Medal ISM EIIR Full Size

Instituted: August 1902.

Ribbon: 38mm three equal sections of crimson, blue and crimson.

Original Metal: Silver and bronze.

Size: 32mm

Description: Originally similar to the Imperial Service Order but with a silver plaque and bronze star or wreath. In 1920 the Imperial Service Medal was transformed into a circular medal of silver with the sovereign’s effigy on the obverse and a reverse depicting a naked man resting from his labours, with FOR FAITHFUL SERVICE in the exergue.

Although classed as a decoration the Imperial Service Medal is mounted for wear as a “Medal for valuable service” in between Campaign and Jubilee medals.



Engraved with service details

Additional information


Instituted by King Edward VII as a means of rewarding long and faithful service in the Administrative and Clerical grades of the Civil Service at home and overseas. Women were admitted to the order in 1908. The order was awarded after at least 25 years service at home, 20 years and 6 months (India) and 16 years in the tropics, but in exceptional cases awards were made for “eminently meritorious service” irrespective of qualifying period. No UK awards have been made since 1995 but some Commonwealth awards continue to this day. Intended for junior grades of the Civil Service.


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