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George Cross GC Medal Full Size

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George Cross GC Medal Full Size.

Branch of Service: Civilians and members of the armed forces.

This is the highest civilian decoration. It is also awarded to military personnel for gallant conduct not in the face of the enemy and for which a military honour would not be awarded.

Instituted: 24 September 1940.

Ribbon: 38mm dark blue (originally 32mm). A silver miniature cross emblem is worn on the ribbon alone.

Original Metal: Silver.

Size: Height 48mm; max. width 45mm.

Description: A plain bordered cross with a circular medallion in the centre depicting the effigy of St George and the Dragon after Benedetto Pistrucci, surrounded by the words FOR GALLANTRY. In the angle of each limb is the Royal cypher GVI. The plain reverse bears in the centre the name of the recipient and date of the award. In the case of exchange awards, the date of the deed is given. The Cross hangs by a ring from a bar adorned with laurel leaves.

Nil awarded to date (Jan 2016).

Miniature silver cross on ribbon bar alone

Can be engraved on reverse with recipient’s name.

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The highest gallantry award for civilians, as well as for members of the armed forces in actions for which purely military honours would not normally be granted. It superseded the Empire Gallantry Medal whose holders were then required to return it and receive the GC in exchange. By Warrant of December 1971 surviving recipients of the Albert and Edward Medals were also invited to exchange their awards for the GC—a move which created a controversy which is still continuing, particularly among those who received the Albert Medal. Perhaps the most famous Cross was that conferred on the island of Malta in recognition of its gallantry during the Second World War. To date no second award bars have been awarded. Since its inception in 1940 the George Cross has been awarded 161 times, including four women (85 of these have been posthumous). In addition, 112 Empire Gallantry medallists, 65 Albert medallists and 68 Edward medallists who were eligible to exchange their awards for the GC have increased the total to 406. Most awards were made during World War II but it should be noted that since 1947 the GC has been awarded only 58 times (including one woman and the collective award to the Royal Ulster Constabulary, presented by Her Majesty the Queen at Hillsborough Castle on 12 April 2000). Arthur Bywater (who died in April 2005) was the only civilian to win both the GC and the GM but seven servicemen have won both. In 2002 the Government increased the annuity paid to £1,500, tax free.


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